iPhone 5s Apps

Apps optimized for the iPhone 5s

Strava Run

Strava Run takes advantage of the new M7 chip. The new version adds an Auto-Pause feature for runners, giving them highly accurate activity level data without having to directly interact with the app. It also takes advantage of the M7's low-power constant monitoring, as the app gathers information from the chip for those times when Strava is not running.

Auto-Pause kicks in whenever the M7 senses that you stop moving, whether to take a break, respond to an email, or use the app’s new built in Instagram integration to snap a photo. While paused, the app automatically turns off GPS, saving battery life.

The app also suspends real-time pace information until the M7 senses you’ve started running again. As the company explains, "If you were running a 7 minute mile pace but stopped for two minutes to take and upload a photo (finishing the mile in 9 minutes) the audio cues and pace data on your iPhone will continue to show that you kept a 7 minute mile pace."

Strava allows users to track their runs via GPS, displaying maps of their route alongside stats such as distance, pace, elevation, and calories burned. It also allows users to compete on interactive score boards, find and follow friends, and explore new places to run.


GammaPoint has taken advantage of the processor M7 in the iPhone 5s with the new version of WeatherRun. This version adds a step counter that draws data from the motion co-processor. Step data is logged and organized in both daily and monthly measures.

WeatherRun provides users with up-to-date weather information while they are outside being active. The app also tracks activity and compares it against weather, altitude, humidity, and temperature. It interfaces with the Pebble Smartwatch, as well as other Bluetooth 4.0 devices such as the TI SensorTag.


Argus is also leveraging the M7 processor. The latest iteration uses the M7 for passive step-counting when not running, meaning the app automatically pulls data from the chip once the reactivated. The update also includes a streamlined honeycomb user interface and improved visual design, including a step counter that shows up as an app badge.

Argus monitors not only user activities, but food intake, workouts, sleep, hydration, weight, and vital signs. The app is engineered to consume very little power and is designed to run in the background at all times. Users can create food diaries, observe trends over time, and track and share data with friends. Also included is interaction with a number of third-party wellness devices, like the Withings Smart Body Analyzer.


This new app functions as a simple step counter that relies on the M7's passive monitoring to log steps taken throughout the day. Pedometer++ allows users to compile their data on both a weekly and a daily basis. Like Argus, Pedometer++ can be set to display the current step count as the app's notification badge. The figure displayed in the badge will dynamically update throughout the day.

Infinity Blade III

The award-winning Infinity Blade video game trilogy reaches its epic conclusion!

Created by ChAIR Entertainment, the original iOS blockbuster returns with adrenaline-fueled sword-fighting action, gorgeous visuals, and a thrilling story of love, betrayal, and redemption. The latest version is fully optimized for the iPhone 5s, featuring full screen anti-aliasing, bloom, full screen vignettes, distortion, high resolution shadows, and environmental reflections.